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Loss of vision does not have to mean you lose the ability to work, go to school or participate in many social and recreational activities you enjoy.  Bluegrass Council of the Blind offers training seminars on the many technology resources available to individuals experiencing blindness or vision loss.  Resources include magnifiers, computer screen reader software, desktop and TV devices, kitchen aids, smart phone applications and other devices to assist with independence and safety at home and at work.

Through group seminars and/or individual assessments, skilled members of Bluegrass Council of the Blind will provide hands-on experience to try out a variety of aids and appliances to determine what works best for individual needs.  This includes items for use at home, work, and school and for social opportunities too.  Training participants will receive product information, basic training and guidance in choosing what assistive technology works best for your unique situation.

Technology assistance available to you:

  • BCB offers group seminars on assistive devices and accessibility features periodically. Watch the newsletter for announcements or call the office to let us know what you would like to learn.
  • You can also contact Bluegrass Council of the Blind to schedule an individual appointment.  A skilled member of the BCB team will assist with an individual assessment and demonstration of devices which may be helpful to you.
  • BCB also has several items available for loan through the Technology Lending Library.   Contact BCB to find out what may be available for you.
  • Specific trainings are often made available for demonstrations of new equipment and software.  To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Bluegrass Council of the Blind and join our mailing list today.

With the assistance of technology to enhance the vision you have, or support individuals with no vision, Bluegrass Council of the Blind is a resource to help you continue living an active and independent lifestyle.

For more information on training opportunities available to you, contact Bluegrass Council of the Blind at: 859-259-1834 or by email at

Technology Lending Library

BCB has expanded its Technology Lending Library. We have many items available for consumers to check-out and try at home. Through the assistance of items such as digital magnifiers or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, consumers can read their mail and pay their bills without waiting for assistance from others, allowing them more independence and privacy. BCB accepts donations of any assistive aids and makes them available on a loan basis. Anything from hand-held magnifiers to expensive magnification machines that capture and read text are made available through our lending program.

BCB logo on a CCTV, making it larger and easier for some with low vision to read SARA CE scanning and reading appliance, camera edition Sapphire handheld magnifier
Some assistive technology items in our lending library, including magnifying glasses, two hand-held magnifiers, and a CCTV. SARA CE is a stand alone device designed to help the blind and those with low vision read printed materials. This was kindly donated to BCB by Ron Dukes from Vision Help. Sapphire handheld magnifier is portable and easy to use. This was also donated to BCB from Ron Dukes from Vision Help.